Child Sash with Ribbon Trim


These ever popular sashes are completely made to order and suitable for any occasion – birthdays, pageants, promotions and competitions plus much more. Add a clip art image if you wish (a black and white jpeg or png file will need to be sent to me) and most fonts available (dafont.com is a great site, please specify font name if you have a preference).

The main ribbon is 100mm in width and made from high quality satin polyester ribbon. The print area is 35cm and the total length of the sash is approx. 125cm long. The outer ribbon is 25mm and the top ribbon doesn’t have to be the same colour as the bottom. Comes with sticky velcro dots to attach the ends so it can be done up as tight or as loose as need be. If you opt for gems on the front, I will place 8 around the wording, or if you opt for ‘front & back’ gems but are only having the front of the sash printed, I will add 16 to the front.

I can only print one colour at a time. Sashes are not made to be washed or ironed as the print will come off.